I like to drink a coffee, some time green coffee make me relax to thinking about life. but a doctor always recommended to stop drink it Couse coffee drink much of side effect. Who else want to got a good body and healthy they are must do exercise every day. The exercise is a big factor to make slimming body and weight lost fastest. On the world we will find many solution to make slimming body but that always with medicine or consume a pills (herbal or chemistry). Coffee is a part of herbal, so coffee is more safely to our body. During many of experiment about green coffee so many people want to make self coffee, and now some of machine producer has selling coffee maker machine as a cheap price. Did you hear about a coffee maker machine? that is a small machine to make coffee drink from a coffee bean. This is a simple machine, jus a motor with some of gird to blend coffee bean. weight loss is a big problem for a girl or men, but some people no care about they are body condition. Body care always become a popular topic on journal of health.